Carsten Saeger




GRASSI Museum Leipzig

As part of the group exhibition Megalopolis - Voices from Kinshasa at the GRASSI Museum Leipzig, a joint tour with the participating artists of the places associated with the reception history of Lumumba took place.  The group discussions on site were presented in video tableaux based on historical photographs. In these, the original hierarchy in the image space is questioned by the presence of the protagonists and is overwritten by the current discussions both visually and in terms of content. The video installation Revisits was presented for the first time as part of another round table talk next to the exhibition space. After the talk, the second part of the event was followed by a public choir rehearsal, in which a Leipzig choir rehearsed an excerpt from the original score of Paul Dessau's Requiem. Credits: 1 Revisits, video still, video, 17 min. loop, UHD, b/w, without audio, Camera: Frank Holbein, Participants: Steve Bandoma, Zoe Bella, Chérie Benga, Serge Diakota, Eddy Ekete, Eunice Kamanda, Dolet Malalu, Carsten Saeger, Theo Schley, Flory Sinanduku, 2019, open space in front of the former Herder Institute with the Lumumumba bust by Jenny Mucchi-Wiegmann, rebuilt in 2011 (Video still: Frank Holbein) 2 Exhibition view, foyer, 4-channel audio installation, various recordings in a loop, 4 stereo headphones, media player, table installation, 3-channel video installation Revisits on media wall with showcase, GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, in cooperation with the exhibition Megalopolis – Voices from Kinshasa, 2019 (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 3 View, public rehearsal on 17.01.2019, Vocalconsort Leipzig, Conductor: Franziska Kuba, Piano: Philip Frischkorn, Sound: Jakob Limmer, Museumspädagogischer Raum, GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig, 2019 (Photo: Carsten Saeger)