Carsten Saeger

Unboxing History


Various media

HGB Galerie Leipzig
May 2019 – February 2020
(Curated by: Ilse Lafer &
Adam Szymczyk)

The contribution for the exhibition 1937 – 2017: Von Entarteter Kunst zu Entstellter Kunst dealt with the sculptures of the artist Rudolf Oelzner in public spaces in Leipzig. Oelzner is exemplarily of a generation of artists whose works were present between the Nazi and GDR periods, as well as their biographical breaks and/or continuities. During walks, Oelzner's figures and their surroundings were visited with the participants and the conversations were recorded. In the HGB Gallery, the group discussion could be listened to via headphones, allowing the voices to guide one through the exhibition. Frank Holbein visually portrayed the surroundings of the figures in his Videos Tableaus. In the long static shots, Oelzner's works merge with the enigmatic architecture, which corresponded with the modularity of the exhibition display. The principle of changeability of the exhibition, its openness and processuality was also reflected in the temporary archive, in which collected illustrations, scripts and books were exhibited alongside Rudolf Oelzner's personnel files from the HGB archive. Together with Julia Blume, the box was opened and the materials were juxtaposed in a lecture performance. Credits: 1 Exhibition view, HGB Galerie, 2020 (Photo: Matteo Visentin) 2 Installation view, video, books, prints, personnel files from the HGB Archive (Photo: Matteo Visentin) 3 Installation view, video, headphones (Photo: Matteo Visentin) 4 Video Still: Frank Holbein, with "Siegerehrung" by Rudolf Oelzner Links: