Carsten Saeger

Borrowed Fantasies



HGB Leipzig

For the opening of the HGB exhibition, a setting consisting of tools from a hardware store was created, which were only borrowed for the event. The HGB choir competed with the noise of the mowers, which were switched on one after the other. One mower was assigned to each vocal group. In the meantime, the tools were used to leave marks on the body. The increasing roar filled the whole building. After the performance, the mower was installed in the classroom as a relic of the action. The sound of a piece of metal being dragged across a stone floor echoed from a hidden loudspeaker behind the Installation. Credits: 1 & 2 Borrowed Fantasies, Installation, classroom, gas mower, tools, silk flowers, tropical fruits (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 2 Borrowed Fantasies, Opening Performance with HGB Choir, Atrium HGB (Photo: Johanna Terhechte) 3 Installation view, Exchange office, Dinosaur model, curtain, 3m x 1,5m x 1m, 2017, Dinosaur model: Thomas Stern (2004) (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 4 Borrowed Fantasies, invitation card, digital collage (Design: Carsten Saeger)