Carsten Saeger

Body is a Garage



School of Arts Gent

BODY IS A GARAGE is a collection of unexpressed desires and an eerie field study into our bodies. In contrast to the cellar, the garage is the no-man's-land of a subconscious, where tools serve as media of transition. The vestibule of the former Anatomical Theatre at KASK is the path to a mental workout. The sandblasted parts of a dissected lawnmower were arranged together with borrowed sports equipment. By cleaning the used parts, scratches and traces of use, like scars on a body, became visible. At the same time the parts were refined – old and new objects could hardly be distinguished and formed autonomous sculptural instruments. During the exhibition two performers interacted with the objects. The audience was invited to enter the vestibule for five minutes to follow the exercise. The objects were used as instruments and sports equipment. The performers explored the sound and scale of the objects with their own bodies while creating a moving sculpture in space. After five minutes a signal sounded and the audience was led into the next room, the Anatomical Theatre. There a video projection of a webcam showed the vestibule they had just left and the next audience entering the exhibition space. Credits: 1 Jungle Drum, Installation view, sandblasted aluminium mower chassis, wooden ring, leather jacket, screws (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 2 Installation view, Cirque (Vestibule) (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 3 Hot! Chaud!, Installation view, mower motor, sandblasted case parts, leather jacket, boxing bandages, self-supporting mount (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 4 Ace Tony, Installation view, mower handle, shirt (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 5 Jon, Installation view, speedball platform, leather, shirts (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 6 Performance view, Cirque (Vestibule), Performer: Senne Vanderschelden, Dorien Buys (Photo: Carsten Saeger) 7 Installation view, video projection Cirque (Anatomical Theatre) (Photo: Carsten Saeger)