Carsten Saeger




Werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2023

"Let us be there, where we were afraid and built courage." – Inspired by the mythological figure of the basilisk, four protagonists embark on an audiovisual journey through inner and outer landscapes and form together a creature from their personal experiences dealing with discriminations, loss, pleasure and moments of resistance. Length: 00:14:12 Sound: Stereo 5.1 Language: German Subtitles: English Script | Director | Montage:   Zuzanna Krysta & Carsten Saeger Protagonists:   Zuzanna Krysta, Maxi Pongratz, Mazyar Rahmani, Carsten Saeger Photography:   Johannes Krell, Zuzanna Krysta, Carsten Saeger, Ginan Seidl Sound:   Susanne Langbehn, Antje Seeger, Maxi Pongratz Poem: The Valleys by Mazyar Rahmani Sounddesign | Foleys: Maxi Pongratz Colourgrading | Mastering: Kay Dombrowsky Soundmastering: Florian Marquardt Produced within:   Werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2023  Funded by: Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Land Sachsen-Anhalt